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Travel preparation is the key to hassle free trip to Sierra Leone. By doing your homework before you leave for Sierra Leone, you could very well lower the prospect of anything going wrong. Lots of visitors regularly regret for not taking these basic pre travel steps prior to making your way to Sierra Leone.

Obtain the most up to date medical services obtainable and travel health recommendation for Sierra Leone from the table below. You will, also, find a broad range of facts that can assist you plan for a safe and fulfilling travel to Sierra Leone and a safe stay whilst you are in there.

Travel Health Advice for Sierra Leone | Travel insurance advise for Sierra Leone | Travel advice for Sierra Leone |
Sierra Leonean-travel-advice-health-advice
Travel Health Advice For Sierra Leone
You may also obtain further travel health advice from travel vaccination for Sierra Leone

The travel advice information on this travel immunisation website does not replace your doctor's advice. Information about travel disease risk in Sierra Leone and travel vaccination immunisation for sierraleone are drawn from the centres for Disease Control websites around the world and refers to known health risks in Sierra Leone.

The travel health information for Sierra Leone provided does not include any information relating to disease outbreaks, which may occur regularly and with little warning.

Talk to your doctor before you travel to Sierra Leone for the most up to date travel health and travel immunisation information.
Tips for Sierra Leone Travel Insurance
  • Ensure that you understand exactly what your travel insurance covers as they are not unlimited. It may not cover you for cancellation or change to travel plans.
  • Clarify any policy issues directly with the insurer.
  • Ensure that medical cover is adequate for possible expenses in Sierra Leone. Ensure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions you may have.
  • Generally, cover for luggage and personal belongings is limited and expensive items such as cameras, laptops and/or jewellery may have a may have a per-item limit.
  • Exclusions: Standard exclusions exist on all travel insurance policies such as acts of civil unrest, self inflicted injury, loss/theft of unattended baggage and pre-existing medical conditions. Travel insurance policies may be invalidated where injuries are sustained under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Travel Tips For Travel To Sierra Leone
  • Check the latest travel advice for Sierra Leone from any of the following sources: UK travel advice for Sierra Leone, US State Department travel warnings for Sierra Leone or Canadian government travel advice for Sierra Leone.
  • Take out an appropriate travel insurance for Sierra Leone to cover hospital treatment, medical evacuation and any activities, including adventure sports, in which you plan to Sierra Leone.
  • Before travelling to Sierra Leone register your travel and contact details online or at your local embassy or consulate once you arrive in Sierra Leone, so they can contact you in an emergency.
  • Obey the Sierra Leonean law. Consular assistance cannot override local Sierra Leonean laws, even where local laws appear harsh or unjust by your country’s standards.
  • Check to see if you require visas for Sierra Leone or countries you are visiting or transiting. Be aware that a Sierra Leonean visa does not guarantee entry into Sierra Leone.
  • Make copies of your passport details, travel insurance policy, travellers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Carry one copy in a different location to the originals and then leave a copy with a friend or relative at home.
  • Determine with doctors for information regarding recommended vaccinations or other safeguards for Sierra Leone and see about Sierra Leone procedures on travelling with medicine.
  • Leave behind a copy of your trip plans with a friend or relative at home and maintain regular communication with family and friends while in Sierra Leone.
Foreign Governments’ Travel Advice
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Dual Nationality Holders
Before departing your home country check whether you are regarded as a national of the Sierra Leone.

Research whether holding dual nationality has any implications for your travel.
Passport Validity For Sierra Leone
Ensure your passport has at least six months validity from your planned date of return to your home country. Sierra Leone will refuse entry on arrival and some airlines will not allow passengers to board flights if their passport does not meet this requirement.

Before travelling, you should contact the Sierra Leonean embassy or consulates of each country you intend to visit to confirm the entry requirements.
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